You're more than a Resume.

We built Candidit™️ to help employers understand the complexity and uniqueness of You.


Connect to a true career network.

Joining the Candidit™️ Exchange matches and connects you to a growing number of employers and educators that are collaborating to hire and retain in a whole new way.


Discover your unique fit for any career.

You don't have a skills gap, you have in information chasm. Candidit™ technology provides both FIT and MATCH analysis from where you are to EVERY position including what you might be missing.


Let's keep it simple.

We created a simple to use interface to help you enter your work and education experience. Once your experience is uploaded, we map that experience to 30,000+ competencies and then match you to every job in our network.


Join the Candidit™ Exchange.

Our technology leverages the power of machine learning to protect your information and to level the playing field for everyone. This is a game-changer.