Recruit and retain military talent

Candidit™ is an inclusion recruiting concierge service backed by technology. We make recruiting military and diversity talent painless and efficient.
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Deliver a world class applicant experience

Our number one priority is your applicant experience. Our team combines advanced technology with a high touch process to augment your inclusion recruiting workflow.
Upgrade your applicant navigation experience
Recruiters struggle to keep up with Candidit™ communications, especially those needing basic assistance in the application process. This is where we thrive.
FiT every Candidit™ to every job
Most platforms show fit applicants to only the jobs to which they apply. Candidit™ fits every applicant to every job so that none fall through the cracks.
Verify Candidit™ skills and experience
We can consolidate and automate your background check, skill check, testing and FiT analysis workflow.
Get Credit for your unhired applicants
Eliminate the inefficiencies of the existing talent marketplace. As you and other employers build a shared talent exchange, you will gain greater insight into the actual talent supply.

“The idea that American workers are being left in the dust because they lack technological savvy does not stand up to scrutiny. Our focus should be on coordination and communication between workers and employers.”
MIT Technology Review
Aug, 2017
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Gain deeper insight into applicant FiT for your Company

Candidit™ translates applicant experience and education into a common language of work. With more than 30,000 competencies, Candidit enables companies to rapidly adopt competency based hiring...improving outcomes and compliance while reducing bias.
Transition to a common language of work
Every position you (or we) create is automatically mapped to our proprietary competency framework. It's simple.
Auto-detect gaps between your requirements and your talent pool
Candidit™ immediately unearths competency gaps through FiT and Match analysis.
Discover new pools of talent with FiT scoring
Our technology driven FiT scoring identifies individuals with the right soft skill mix for your positions.
Catch high value Candidits before they slip away.
By matching every job to every Candidit™, you gain a full picture of available talent for every part of your organization.

“I see that a construction manager needs a good bit of math competency. I have so many students who chose this particular job, many of whom are not motivated in math. This would be eye-opening for that population of students and hopefully motivational.”
Jeff Remmington
STEM Instructor
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Nurture and grow your talent pipeline

Candidit™ helps companies develop, nurture and grow deep talent pipelines with our mix of tools and high touch service.
Auto generate a resume to your own specifications
Our resume builder provides Candidits with a useful career tool and your hiring managers with the tangible documentation they prefer in your own format.
Enhance each Candidit™ portfolio with a FiT analysis report
Each Candidit™ receives access to a FiT analysis for every position in your organization, to help guide interview discussion and seleciton.
Give custom feedback to every Candidit™
Candidits should leave your application process armed with the information they need to address experience and skill gaps. We automate this.
Build your own Candidit™ Exchange or Join one
Candidit™ technology gives companies the power to create their own Candidit™ exchange networks or to join open exchanges as a way to supplement their applicant flow.

"Creating a platform like this and helping vets is pretty amazing. One day I hope to create or be apart of something significant to give back as well. Thank you!”
Kurtz Robinson
U.S. Army Veteran
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