Changing the Way the World Works

Candidit™ is in open Beta development by a Veteran Owned tech company located on the North Shore of

Pittsburgh, PA. We are changing the way the world WORKS by applying advanced technology

to bridge the gap between companies, colleges and candidates.

How Does Candidit™ Work?

Competency Based Hiring
Candidit™ has defined more than 29,000 competencies. We define a "Competency" as something you know or can do well. A person, a job, and even an academic program are all collections of competencies. Candidit™ partners leverage our framework to create powerful Candidit™ pipelines.

Hire with confidence.

Accessing Renewable Talent
There has long been a huge gap between educators and employers. Candidit™ is determined to close this gap by helping to identify clear connections between school and employment. To this end we created a new way to hire: Candidit™ Pathways combine education and jobs ... kind of like an apprenticeship ... but they allow greater collaboration between educators and employers.

Enhance the talent supply.

Workforce Security and Intelligence
Candidit™ is the first talent platform to leverage a private distributed ledger network where companies and colleges collaborate to verify and validate work and academic history in exchange for access to a secure talent registry. By verifying competency level data Candidit™ partners also gain access to powerful machine learning tools to improve hiring decisions and forecasting.

A national talent registry.

Eliminating Hiring and Academic Bias
By using competencies as our foundation, we have created a career guidance and job matching platform that can help reduce bias, predict demand and provide workforce security. At Candidit™, we believe that getting a job or gaining access to quality education should never be limited by what you look like, sound like or how or where you were raised ... and we have the technology to help make this happen.

Toward a better world of work

Join the Candidit™ Beta

Connect your jobs to verified candidates through our powerful and secure blockchain network.

No more resumes. No more hassles.

How Do I Get Started?

Register your Company
Join the Candidit™ Network.
Candidit™ verifies all organizations and individuals during enrollment. This allows you to list Pathway opportunities and access verified candidates.
Claim your Employees
Verify Employee Competencies
Partner employers and schools contribute to a shared and verified Candidit™ registry. You gain new insight from every employee you help to verify.
Launch a Pathway
Create a Candidit™ Pipeline.
The Candidit™ network is accepting new companies interested in joining our Beta program. Beta companies gain early access to our platform along with time-limited incentives.

Connect with Candidits™ all along the talent pipeline and change the way you attract and recruit talent.

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Develop a talent pool
Navigator connects your jobs and majors through a powerful search and exploration tool.
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A better way to job board
Pathways is a job board like no other. Every Pathway is a verified program that includes all the training you may need with a job on the other side.
Machine learning for hiring
We're enrolling companies schools and candidits now! Pipelines uses blockchain technology to revolutionize the entire education and hiring process.

Go beyond job boards

Candidit™ Pathways bring visibility to your internships, apprenticeships and OJT opportunities.