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From global companies to lean startups, companies that are serious about their candidate experience are leaning on Candidit™️. Here’s some of the ways you can get started today.

Candidit™ Translate

Candidit™ Translate provides recruiting teams with a powerful solution for translating Candidit™ education and experience into where and how they best fit in your organization. Our technology generates FiT and Match results for every applicant to every job so that you never miss a great Candidit™.
Competency Based Scoring
Candidit™ Translate is based on a growing database of more than 30,000 work competencies that create a common language of work from any job or experience to your own requirements.
Custom Experience
Candidit™ Translate technology includes a suite of technologies that can be turned on or off based on your needs, and our continuous deployment cycle lends itself to rapidly bringing new services on line or scaling services back.
Soft Skill FiT
Our proprietary machine intelligence utilizes both competency based match scoring along with powerful soft-skill analysis so that you have a full view of qualification and FiT.

The U.S. Navy Recruiting Command utilized the Candidit career navigator to assist students in discovering their top fit technical Navy careers based on academic subjects they had enjoyed.
US Navy
Recruiting Command
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Candidit™ Engage

Ensuring that your applicants have a superior recruiting experience is at the heart of what we do. Combining advanced technology with a superior human concierge service is what defines the Candidit™️ Experience for your applicants. From initial applicant engagement to talent content management, Candidit™ can cover the full range of applicant communications.
Omni-Channel Communications
Candidit is built to communicate with applicants in any medium and on any device. This includes direct and automated communications as well as customized content delivery a key decision points.
Candidit Concierge
Great Candidits get frustrated with slow or bad recruiting experiences. We can ensure this doesn’t happen, or make things right if it does with live assistance by our expert team augmented by our platform intelligence.
Plug and Play
Candidit™ Engage services can fully integrate with your team in less than 30 days and can flex to meet any of your needs on demand.

“Walmart partnered with Candidit™ to pilot a new military recruiting strategy utilizing the Candidit™ Engage to automatically score service member transcripts and generate FiT and Match scores for their high demand leadership positions.”
Military Commitment
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Candidit™️ Acquire

Join a growing network of like minded companies that are committed to improving the entire job seeking experience. Subscribers to the Candidit™️ Acquire service benefit from the recruiting efforts of all companies involved, as unhired applicants are referred to other members of the network. This is a game changer.
Refer Unhired Candidits™️
If you choose not to hire a Candidit™️, you can allow that individual to enter the Candidit™️ Acquire Exchange, and receive credits to invite new, high-FiT Candidits to apply to your positions.
Support Candidit™️ Career Development
Our system works on competency-based hiring. By joining the Candidit™️ Exchange, you gain access to insights about supply and demand from a much larger talent pool.
Create your own Exchange
A Private Candidit™️ Acquire Exchange is an ideal solution for companies with many locations or large supplier networks. Your Exchange can be public or private, and a tremendous benefit to your partners and suppliers.

“STEMJobs utilized the Candidit Acquire Exchange to create a hiring pool for STEM-interested graduating students and companies seeking STEM talent, helping more than 200,000 students discover ideal career paths and to explore career options.”
Career Navigator
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